hawaii fashion incubator


A Hub for All Things HI Fashion


Ward Warehouse Level 2 (above T&C Surf)

Honolulu, Hawaii

Check calendar for opening hours.

Also open by appointment and for special events

Email to arrange your own time.



Use open studio time to work on your projects, or sign up for a class or workshop.  Sewing machines, cutting tables, art supplies, fabric, notions, and more are available at the space.  The Photo Booth is a clean space for model and product photo shoots.



We offer classes and workshops for all ages, and we invite those with teaching skills to host your own event!  Hifi will help you promote it and will handle all the "back-end" good stuff like online registration. 



The Hifi COOP features a rotating selection of Hawaii designers.  Members can showcase their work and host trunk shows in our curated showroom space. 


The space is a meeting place for the industry, from designers and photographers to models, stylists, and more.  As a member, you'll gain access to a professional network where opportunities and collaborative possibilities abound. 

Need a part-time or full-time space to do your work?  We can make a custom use package to suit your needs. Contact us for info!


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