//Facts About The Fashion Industry

Facts About The Fashion Industry

Fashion was once confined to people the belonged to a particular segment. Things have changed, and people have started consuming fashion at a very high rate. With the increase in the use of internet and social media people relatively have more knowledge. There are a few dedicated applications for fashion which gives periodic updates.

The online stores also have played their role in this area. They have paved ways for people to access some expensive brands. The intensive advertising, marketing, and celebrity endorsements also contributed a lot for the wide reach of many brands. Here are a few interesting facts about the fashion industry.

It is billion dollar industry

The total value of the world’s fashion industry is almost six billion dollars. This might definitely be a huge surprise to many.  The luxury brands alone are valued more than three billion dollars.

Water consumption

Next, to the heavy industries and food manufacturing, the apparel-manufacturing consumes the highest quantity of water. It is equivalent to thirty-two million Olympic swimming pools.

The workers in the industry

One-sixth of the world’s population is working in the fashion industry. It is hard to believe that the industry is responsible for providing so much job opportunities.

The Halloween costumes

The people in the United States of America almost spend 2.6 billion dollars every year on the Halloween costumes.


Two-thirds of the clothes manufactured are made out of the fiber from cotton. It is actually a threat to the environment because cotton consumes a lot of water to grow.

Cotton Farmers

2,50,000 Indian cotton farmers have killed themselves in the past 15 years. The reason for their death is stress due to debt.



It approximately requires 7000 liters of water to make a pair of jeans.

Worker wages

The average wages of the workers in the garment factory is very low. It varies between 1 to 3 dollars a day.

Fair Trade

If you see the label as made in Australia, US, UK or any other western country it does not mean that their workers are benefited by it. Every labor in the manufacturing division is exploited to the fullest.

Child Labor

Before the abolition of child labor, the manufacturing division in the fashion industry was one of the highest employers of child labors.


It takes 200 years for the clothes made out of polyester to break down.

Men and women

The apparel and the clothing purchase of a normal woman are six times that of the man.


After the iron and steel industry, it is the fashion industry that recycles the damaged goods to produces new ones.

Steady increase

There is a drastic increase in the number of clothes bought by the normal person. In just a span of ten years the average buying rate has gone up to sixty percent.



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